Jakub Rataj
Air (give these people some) (2021-22) for the St. Martin’s Church Organ in Kassel, commissioned by Kulturplattform St. Martin e.V.

Godspeed (2021) for ensemble, commissioned by Ensemble MIET+

Fabella (2021) for cello & ensemble, commissioned by Brno Contemporary Orchestra

Repulse (Hrana Zlomu) (2021) soundtrack, film director: Emil Križka, Prague International Film Festival - Febiofest

Runner (Begike) (2021) soundtrack, film director: Andrius Blazevicius, Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Best Baltic Film - Tallinn Black Nights FF 2021, Best Feature - Riga FF 2021

Fade No More (2020-21) for ensemble, commissioned by Prague Spring Festival (written for Klangforum Wien, premiere in 2022 due to COVID restrictions)

Inhale (2020) for ensemble, commissioned by Orchestra Berg

Capriccio No.1 (2020) for solo violin, commissioned by Milan Pala

Attention! (2020) for siren, 3 alt saxophones, 3 megaphones, speaker & performer, commissioned by the Czech Radio & Orchestr Berg

In the Dusk (2020) soundtrack, film director: Sharunas Bartas, official selection at Cannes Film Festival

Dluh (2020) soundtrack, film director: Jirí Žák

IOI for clarinet, cello & piano (2019)

O for two pianos tuned in quarter-tone distance (2019)

O for piano (2019)

cther for theremin, oboe, piano & string quartet (2018-19)

Transition for bass flute & string quartet (2018)

What Would You Like To See (2018) soundtrack, film director: Rolando Garduńo, La Película Film Festival Oaxaca 2019 award

ES.23 for piano trio (2018)

Trans-Polypnoe for 13 instruments (2018)

Serge 2.1 electronic (2017)

H for piano and strin quartet (2017)

Culmination for ensemble (2016) commissioned by Festival Contempuls (2017)

Second Breath for string quartet (2015-17)

The Dangerous World of Doctor Dolecek (2015) soundtrack, film director: Kristýna Bartošová, 26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, Pavel Koutecký award

Reactions II for conductor with motion sensor, ensemble and electronics (2015) commissioned by Orchestr Berg

The Art of Manipulation for dancers ensemble and electronics (2015) choreography: Helena Ratajová

Tarantelle for solo percussion (2015)

Reactions I for piano and french horn (2015) Commissioned by the International Music Student Festival in Kyoto

E for orchestra (2014) Commissioned by the International Folk Festival in Niznij Novgorod

La Balade for orchestra, water fountain and objects (2014) commissioned by Orchestr Berg

Mezi řečí electroacoustic (2014) Commissioned by Český Rozhlas, Radiocustica

Jeden for ensemble and ectronics (2014) invl, vlc, cb, accord, bcl, baryt. sax, perc, electronic

"Č"as čas for orchestra (2013)

Violator for viola and electronics (2013)

Kan'on for shakuhachi, theremin, violin and contrabass (2013) Commissioned by Prague Shakuhachi festival (2nd version named Herzzuschlag for fl, cl, vl, cb)

Proraketon for chamber orchestra and raketon (2013) commissioned by Orchestr Berg

Brány (Gates) sound installation (2013) Commissioned by MoEns

Split Structre dance for camera (2013) choreography: Helena Ratajová director: Kristýna Bartošová

Jepice dance for camera (2013) choreography: Helena Ratajová director: Vojtěch Votýpka

Chimera for electric guitar, voice, electronics and dancer (2013) Choreography: Helena Ratajová

Vollmond for ensemble (2012) Commissioned by MoEns

Kov Kámen Dřevo Zub electro-acoustic (2012)

Koupání for shakuhachi, viola, violoncello, accordeon, voice and electronics (2011) Commissioned by Festival koncertního melodramu

Brainworms for electric guitar and electronics (2011)

Microcosmotion for string trio (2011)

+around 40 Radio Drama (sound design and/or music) in the Czech Radio (2015-22)

+several animated short films, advertisements and TV jingles.

List of Publications

Digitální technologie v hudební tvorbe pro akustické nástroje
(Digitale Technologie in der Musikproduktion für akustische Instrumente), Gilberto Agostinho, Jakub Rataj, Akademie múzických umení 2017

V tichosti uvnitr hluku: instrumentální saturace
(Silent within noise: instrumental saturation)

Jakub Rataj, Živá hudba 2016/7.

Gates – Sound instalation as an intersection of intermedia paradigms
Jakub Rataj in Electronic Music Today: Where are we going and what are we doing, collective work, Janáckova akademie múzických umení v Brne, 2014